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      weedforum.eu cannabisforum voor de recreative blower en medicinale grower, op het forum vind je vele tips and tricks om wietplant te kunnen kweken voor eigen (medicinaal) gebruik. Wij zijn het zat om als criminelen worden gezien, en hebben daarom deze petitie opgezet we hopen dat vele mensen hem zullen tekenen en zullen delen zodat we snel op de benodigde aantal handtekeningen zullen komen.   https://petities.nl/petitions/decriminaliseer-het-kleinschalig-kweken-van-cannabis
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U.S. Government on Verge of Legalizing Hemp Research, Legislative Outreach Becomes Vital

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U.S. Government on Verge of Legalizing Hemp Research, Legislative Outreach Becomes Vital

bron : http://thejointblog.com/u-s-government-on-verge-of-legalizing-hemp-research-legislative-outreach-becomes-vital/

Last month the U.S. House of Representatives approved a national farms billwhich included a historic hemp amendment; an amendment which would end the federal government’s prohibition on hemp research.Industrial_Hemp-300x200.jpg

Although this isn’t what hemp legalization advocates would prefer, it’s still a huge step forward to have Congress admit that, at the very least, hemp is an issue worth studying. Given that numerous states – such as Kentucky and Vermont just this year – have legalized hemp on the state level, this new law would allow researchers in these states, such as university professors, to study the crop legally without obtaining DEA permission, which is required under current law. As one would expect, getting this permission is nearly impossible.

In recent weeks the farms bill has stalled over several issues unrelated to cannabis or hemp, but throughout the discussion there’s been absolutely no uproar over the amendment, and no heavy call to have it removed, indicating that, regardless of the final farms bill, the hemp research amendment will likely remain included.

However, given that this still remains uncertain, it’s became increasingly vital for constituents to contact their Senators and Congress-members, urging them to support the federal government allowing hemp research to take place in states where it’s legal. You can look up your district’s federal lawmakers by clicking here.

We have an opportunity to have our voices heard, and help change federal law; be loud and proactive about your support for the hemp plant.

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