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El Plantos

Everyone is Flying and/or Moving to Denver for Legal Weed

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Wondering if Denver has indeed become “The New Amsterdam” and a tourist attraction because of legal, recreational weed? Well, wonder no more. According to The Daily Beast, 36,284 people moved to Colorado in 2013, an 8,000 person increase from 2012.

Comparatively, that puts Colorado right behind North Dakota (odd) and Washington D.C. in terms of domestic migration. Likewise, people are also visiting Colorado (particularly Denver) in droves.

According to Business Insider, “flight search demand to Denver has been 6.3% higher than the national average since December 1st.” Most of Denver’s flight traffic is coming from nearby Midwestern states, with Nashville (a 63% increase), Minneapolis (58%), and Detroit (53%) leading the charge of the dry cities.

As we’ve noted before, people have been coming not only from all over the United States, but all over the world to sample Denver’s finest herb. And flights are spiking in price because of that.

Just a few months ago, I flew to Los Angeles for $150. Now, that flight (even in June) costs a minimum of $222, according to Expedia. Needless to say, Denver’s economy and Denver International Airport are benefiting from legal weed across the board.

Of course, you can’t take Denver’s legal weed back to your home state, as that remains totally illegal. So just throw it in the Amnesty Box.

The Conclusion: Marijuana tourism is a real thing, and it truly shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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Ja je moet je spul toch ergens kunnen halen he, dan maar verhuizen :P;)

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