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  1. German_Drugtourist

    Growbox gezocht

    This boxes are very expensive.... need a used one...
  2. German_Drugtourist

    Growbox gezocht

    Would check it out... THX
  3. German_Drugtourist

    Growbox gezocht

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a Grow-Box..... Is here anybody who would sell one!? Used or new!? I would pic her up.....
  4. German_Drugtourist

    Karel kweker

    My dutch is to bad to understand the differnce between kutkweker and karel kweker ;-) But "Well Done!"
  5. German_Drugtourist


  6. German_Drugtourist

    Bezoek uit duitsland

    Hey Members, I want to introduce me. At first I am sorry, but I can not write in dutch. For several years I lived near the dutch border nearby Venlo. My daily shop was Nobodys Place - but now untill this silly wietpas rises there is no chance for me to visit my old friends :-(. Could I point out that I am a part of the move against the wietpas from THE german page I am 36 years old and smoker since 20 years. Reading dutch is no problem for me, but donĀ“t be aware when I will answer in english... Questions? Quest! met vriendelijke groeten German_Drugtourist