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    Now we Start in Slomo and Real Time have Fun
  2. Erik 33

    Med Cannabis Mikroskopie

    Med. Cannabis Relax and have fun.... 160 x xl video peace Naturals 20/1 And other videos screem Bedrolit the videos are left to the self-assessment of the quality of the medicine. Comments from people who can seriously assess this are welcome. among the videos on youtube. it should be conveyed to patients through their comments and imparted in advance. Thank you.
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    Screenshot sorry, i'm in Holiday. Video in work
  4. Erik 33


    Thank you ! that's how we see it too. Unfortunately, in Germany it is not allowed to produce his medicine biologically, ecologically without chemicals and radiation. That's why I'm looking for facts, because some patients here have problems with medicine from the pharmacy. Unfortunately there is no real patient lobby here, nor are we given any terpeen proviele. all we are told is a fictitious name Thc and Cbd in%. The rest is unimportant. Haha !
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    Med Cannabis Mikroskopie

  6. Erik 33

    Med Cannabis Mikroskopie

    Klenk 18/1
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    Eigenbau mit Akku bertieben max 0,7 g
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    Hallo ik ben Erik 33, i Ik ben een cannabispatiƫnt uit Duitsland. Ik hoop hier informatie te vinden en kennis uit te wisselen. Ik vertrouw op de Google-vertaler. waar past de vraag op het forum het beste? Hallo, Ik zou graag willen weten over dit artikel Weten wat de huidige stand van kennis is, terpeenvernietiging en ontwikkeling van schadelijke stoffen? Wat weet u over de veiligheid en terpeenschade en de vorming van schadelijke stoffen in het e-beamproces? Bedankt