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  1. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hi, I already cut what was suitable for cutting. I got about 3kg of dry material, some 2kg was left on the bushes due to lack of time to cut. Mother nature also needs to get something :) Now it's time to relax and put your workplace in order.
  2. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Very mild, does not bite in the throat, the material has a relaxing effect, the high is light, something for me because I do not like strong stoned. The plant is mega resistant to mold, there was only one flower infected, it grows not too big so it is advisable to do a double topping because the flowers are widely spaced. I actually have some pictures of it growing.
  3. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hello, I was today to collect what was suitable, maybe 150g of dry material, the rest I cut because I do not want to rummage with popcorn. In 2 weeks I will go to clean the spot, that is, pull up roots and clean cups, etc.
  4. goriilaunit

    Golden heribei fem zaden kweekje

    Ik hoop dat je veel gezonde zaden krijgt, ik zat dit jaar zonder zaden omdat iets mijn bestoven takken heeft opgegeten :)
  5. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Thanks gentlemen, there are 3 bushes left on the battlefield, today already without frost, maybe I will harvest something from them :)
  6. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Today I cut the rest of the material, there are some bushes left but they will be cut next week. My camera got broken so I couldn't take any pictures, I have 2 pictures on the way to the meeting.
  7. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hello, today I was at the rest in the cane, there was one Freezeland from RGS and M.A.F from Growers choice, M.A.F terribly late so there is no chance that it arrived because already last night there was a frost. Freezeland has a nice smell, nothing else, not resistant to mold and awfully loose inflorescence, although Freezeland from High Rise Seeds is more resistant. Also the description is not suitable for this strain.
  8. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hello, today another larger cut, nothing died so it is ok, there was some mold but not so much.... time for photos.
  9. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hi, very little mold so far, negligible amounts on most of the plants, Erdbeer didn't seem to have any mold outbreaks also nice, as you noticed I have one Erdbeer bush with pink pistils :) in general the variety produces hard flowers but they are in large spacing, so you have to train it to give a good yield, next season I will do some pruning to increase the yield from it. Your Essix very late, maybe in 2-3 weeks will be ready, I had from Polish producer Serious 6 it was already cut most of it. I'm waiting for some old varieties from you because you certainly have something to reproduce. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  10. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    He is my partner, we work together, I wouldn't be able to take care of so many plants on my own...I wonder if sometimes some deer or elk didn't eat those plants.... while no one has been there since. :)
  11. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hi, everything is ok with me, no losses, I mowed a lot of peaks today, trimming in two people was for 5 hours. some photos from maneuvers.