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  1. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hi, I was out yesterday before the rain topping with dolomite and topping the autoflowering varieties with organic fertilizer, I took a few photos in the process. Mighty Freeze x Eirdbei is starting to bloom, it will be again the fastest strain like last year :)
  2. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    This season there will be an even bigger problem with the drying room because where it was supposed to be, it won't be there rather....
  3. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    In autumn I dug holes, threw in leaves, dry grass, in the spring I spread dolomite to regulate the PH of the soil and 2 weeks before sowing I gave 3 handfuls of granular manure. Nothing watered. Plants will still grow up so if I harvest something I will be happy :) It may happen that I will have to leave it to mother nature because I have trouble with the dryer...:)
  4. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    The spider is (Dolomedes plantarius) a very pretty female. So far the plants are not complaining, it could rain a little more often :)
  5. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hi, yesterday I made a quick jump to a spot in the blackthorn where 3 bushes of Kabul Express x Fast Diesel of my production are growing, all in all there I just sprinkled nitrogen fertilizer, spot without much care, more as a test. Next visit in about 3 -4 weeks.
  6. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Hello, update from the main meeting 2 days earlier because they give rains so I sprinkled Azofoska, spraying with biohomus + karate because of spiders, light grubbing, on a few plantations a light pinch, automatics got only biohomus because I didn't manage to buy fertilizer....still plucked 2 males, probably already the last....though still may be different :) All the automatics are blooming so maybe I'll pick up something in July for a test. The best are Crystal Candy XXL from SS and some Banana Sherbty double XXL from Growers Choice. On one plant a deficit appeared, although they are regi ( 5 pcs in one mound ) but on one only something like this appeared. I took home a male offspring of Mighty Freeze x Eirdbei and Maroc Inspiration, so far no more males are visible.
  7. goriilaunit

    2020 out

  8. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Morning trip to the wetlands, light grubbing, topped with azo, sprayed with karate zeon, and cutting the tops I forgot to cut one tiny male MFx Eirdbei, it started to open... maybe it won't do any damage. Some of the automatics are showing italy, so something is starting to bloom, Overall, the plants have grown almost 100% since the last visit. July will see the best growth. I've been terribly bitten by flies...
  9. goriilaunit

    De nieuwe lading zaden

    Ze zijn weer beschikbaar :) 2 winkels verkopen deze zaden :)
  10. goriilaunit

    De nieuwe lading zaden

    De beste van vorig jaar was; Kabul Express , Serious 6 Purple maroc x auto amnesia, Guerilla gold x auto amnesia. Van deze soorten heb ik 90 procent van de bloemen geoogst. In mijn plaats is het probleem moerassig gebied, constante vochtigheid.... Wat heb je uit Polen? Guerrilla goud snel?
  11. goriilaunit

    De nieuwe lading zaden

    @wiet61 Ik had vorig seizoen Freezeland IBL van RGSC, het feit is dat het een IBL is want 3 planten bloeiden tegelijkertijd en ze zagen er hetzelfde uit, het enige wat me verbaasde was de slechte weerstand tegen meeldauw, 3/4 van de bloemen moest ik weggooien. Dit seizoen heb ik ook freezeland van RGSC geplant, maar ik zal het vroeger oogsten. Ik heb ook Freezeland in gewone versie of High Rise Seeds en Friesland M33. Heb je een foto van de Freezeland bloem?
  12. goriilaunit

    De nieuwe lading zaden

    Ik heb geen contact met hem, ik schreef over zaden op e-mail en via het forum en helaas antwoordt hij niet. Wat zijn volgens u de beste IBL-rassen waarmee u hebt gewerkt? Het gaat vooral om buitengebruik, meeldauwresistentie en oogst in september.
  13. goriilaunit

    De nieuwe lading zaden

    @wiet61 Hallo, heeft iemand van jullie een Oaxacan of Hawaiian sativa? Ik heb enkele kruisingen met deze variƫteiten gezien, maar ik kan ze nergens vinden. :)
  14. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    2 x Purple Satellite and 1 time out mix of my production. Only 2 seeds out of 6 from GMS came out.