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Found 1 result

  1. goriilaunit

    Goriilaunit - Outdoor 2K21

    Welcome in my installment, I'm a new user from Poland, I'll try to show you what I'm doing in the swamp area, the spot has been the same for a few years now, the mounds were prepared in autumn, I made a few new ones, some of the bushes were cut down to make room for new varieties, I'll also try my hand at autoflowering varieties, in a month I plan to sprinkle the whole spot with dolomite to further deacidify the soil and enrich it with magnesium. 2 weeks before planting I will also spread granular fertilizer all over the spot, I plan to visit every 2 weeks. I will give you a list of varieties when I sprout. I have a lot of experience so there will be something to see (I hope nothing bad will happen) Pictures of the spot preparation after the autumn harvest and what was growing on it. :)