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      weedforum.eu cannabisforum voor de recreative blower en medicinale grower, op het forum vind je vele tips and tricks om wietplant te kunnen kweken voor eigen (medicinaal) gebruik...   We zouden graag nieuwe leden er op willen wijzen dat ze zich dienen voor te stellen in de wie is wie hoek. Het hoeft geen heel verhaal te zijn, maar gewoon een kleine introductie,  Je zou misschien kort kunnen omschrijven wat jou ervaringen al zijn, of dat je helemaal nieuw bent met het kweken.   Maak er wat leuks van hier op het forum 
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And then there was a strain called loki's Whisper,it's an automatic dwarf that takes 9 weeks from seed on 20/04

It has diesel genes that make it smell really pungent,and it's a nastrel-curling odour.


You might think by the smell that it is really strong of effect,but it's not.

It is a perfect during-the-day-smoke that doesn't ware you down as much.

And gives a really positive vibe,it's really diesel go eazle......


This is a F-3 i have been selecting for a while on colour taste and production.

Now it's time to feminize the whole bunch.

I have selected a coloured female to become she-male,and sprayed her with silverthiosulfate.

The remainig 18 females will make seeds.

But for now i'm waiting on more pistils to form before i throw the shemale in there.


Stay tuned....


Haile Selassie !

Loki's Whisper F-3 3.2.jpg

Loki's Whipser F-3, 3.1.jpg

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Dussss.....als ik het goed begrijp......zaden kweken uit Autoflower?

Ben benieuwd.....kijk zo af en toe eens mee.




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Likkle update.....;)


Because they are going really well,i just put back the she-male into the tent to spread pollen.

Maybe i'll even reach my quotum this time.


It's going mean,clean and green.....


I'll make foto's later people,when it's worth while my effort.:P


For now, Collie Weed over and out....



Jah Bless!

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Blessed are all of thee,for following mi topic....^_^


First up....  Loki's Whisper F-3....

I've cut down the purple she-male,since i can see enough seeds now.

The selection went more then satisfactory last time...

So now i have pink plants all over and no more green pheno's ! (Stinky Pinky)


Also the bud is tighter then last time,and they start to stink already...

So expect a more uniform and feminised F-4 as a next generation.


Loki's Whisper F-3 0.1.jpg

Loki's Whisper F-3 0.2.jpg

Loki's Whisper F-3 0.3.jpg

Loki's Whisper F-3 0.4.jpg

Loki's Whisper F-3 0.0.jpg

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