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      Weedforum Nieuwe Leden.   12/03/2017

      weedforum.eu cannabisforum voor de recreative blower en medicinale grower, op het forum vind je vele tips and tricks om wietplant te kunnen kweken voor eigen (medicinaal) gebruik...   We zouden graag nieuwe leden er op willen wijzen dat ze zich dienen voor te stellen in de wie is wie hoek. Het hoeft geen heel verhaal te zijn, maar gewoon een kleine introductie,  Je zou misschien kort kunnen omschrijven wat jou ervaringen al zijn, of dat je helemaal nieuw bent met het kweken.   Maak er wat leuks van hier op het forum 
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Erik 33

can someone tell me what these threads are?

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that's Tweed medical cannabis, that's why i prefer to ask the experts here. here is a video, it is 17 min but I like to show in detail and appealing ... thank you in advance, i think i'd better send it in .. despite e-beam radiation ..







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from what i see....this video is made by german gouvernment...to seed fear...amongst users.......


fear sells....:rolleyes:


grow your own...:D

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23 hours ago, Erik 33 said:

how or what do you mean ?

do you mean there




yes and some other black/brown spots i noticed. but difficult to see the bigger picture with this zoom.


And maybe like @DeVos says, with 160 x zoom you see lots of scary stuff lol. 


Did you compare it with some weed of which you know it is good? Maybe the good weed doesnt look that different...

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Google Translator


Hi, it was all about these threads ...

I have been looking at cannabis from the pharmacy for 3 years. I've never seen anything like it.

hence the question of what you mean what that is.

I'm not panicked.

with love it was definitely not grown. xD

I'll give it to the pharmacy to check.

of course it's a plant and it can always have something. E Beam only comes afterwards. maybe these are the dead remains.

Something like that shouldn't take over in the med area.

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Curious if you had a result from the pharmacy yet. The first pictures definitely show early stages of mold, so it's good that you did not consume it.

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