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      Weedforum Nieuwe Leden.   12/03/2017

      weedforum.eu cannabisforum voor de recreative blower en medicinale grower, op het forum vind je vele tips and tricks om wietplant te kunnen kweken voor eigen (medicinaal) gebruik...   We zouden graag nieuwe leden er op willen wijzen dat ze zich dienen voor te stellen in de wie is wie hoek. Het hoeft geen heel verhaal te zijn, maar gewoon een kleine introductie,  Je zou misschien kort kunnen omschrijven wat jou ervaringen al zijn, of dat je helemaal nieuw bent met het kweken.   Maak er wat leuks van hier op het forum 
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karel kweker

Marijuana Stimulates Brain Cell Growth. No bullshit.

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Now I’m not suggesting anyone smoke or get high, but the Oil of Rick Simpson and Gold of David Hudson, when added together, should cure damn near anything. Taken orally, slowly over months the side effects are nominal. We can talk about it at length but we can’t go to the store and buy it. Meanwhile, Mom is Stage4 renal carcinomas in her lymphatic system and they discovered a tumor in her frontal lobe. She says, “Ho ho My days of getting high were over in my early twenties” (Well I know that to be a white lie.) She doesn’t study the media I send. If she did she would remark on this. Gauntlet thrown. She has survived THREE botched surgeries, one of which paralyzed her right lung a few weeks ago as the nerve to the diaphragm was cut unintentionally. Before that she was a spry as a 25 yr old. Now she is bound to equipment and rarely leaves the house, but I digress…

Marijuana kills cancer and stimulates brain cell growth. We’ve been waging a war on cancer from the shadows for 70+ years? Well I tend to think the knowledge is intrinsic and throughout history someone has always kept the plant for that very reason. Well, before the Univ of Saskatchewan broke ground. The gold+oil will not be returned to us willingly.

Below is from the video’s description:

A study at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada proves that Marijuana actually stimulates brain cell growth.

THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) stimulates cell growth in regions of the brain associated with anxiety and depression, pointing the way for new treatments for these diseases, according to University of Saskatchewan medical research published today in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Xia Zhang, an associate professor in the U of S neuropsychiatry research unit, led the team that tested the effects of THC, the compound responsible for the high experienced by recreational users.

The team found that rats treated with THC on a regular basis showed neurogenesis — the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus. This region of the brain is associated with learning and memory, as well as anxiety and depression.

The effect is the opposite of most legal and illicit drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, heroin, and cocaine.

“Most ‘drugs of abuse suppress neurogenesis,” Zhang says. “Only marijuana promotes neurogenesis.”

Current theory states that depression may be sparked when too few new brain cells are grown in the hippocampus. It is unclear whether anxiety is part of this process, but if true, THC could offer a treatment for both mood disorders by stimulating the growth of new brain cells.

“This is a very potent cannabinoid oil,” Zhang says. “It’s not something that would be available on the street.”

Marijuana has been used for recreational and medicinal purposes for centuries, evoking public interest and controversy along the way. As a medicine, the plant is used to ease pain in multiple sclerosis patients, combat nausea in cancer patients, and stimulate appetite in people afflicted with AIDS. It has also been used to treat epilepsy and stroke.

Zhang’s work is the latest product of the U of S Neural Systems and Plasticity Research Group, a multidisciplinary effort by researchers from the Colleges of Arts and Science, Engineering, Kinesiology, Medicine, Pharmacy and Nutrition, and Veterinary Medicine. The group collaborates to study the function of neural systems, from nerves to brain, in living organisms. In particular, they look at how these systems change over time with experience.

Zhang’s research is supported by a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), as well as a CIHR New Investigator Award. The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation provided funding support to establish the Neural Systems and Plasticity Research Group, as well as post-doctoral fellowship awards to research team members Wen Jiang and Shao-Ping Ji.

Gr Karel Kweker.

Bron : http://postmodernmoron.com/news/marijuana-stimulates-brain-cell-growth-no-bullshit/

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